Personal Goals: Goal Setting, Planning And Action

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Goal Setting/Planning and Action Goals are an important part of life. For me, they provide direction, stability, and motivation. I have always been keen to setting goals in my life, long-term and short-term. There have been times where I simply gave up on setting goals because when they would turn out different than I had expected I became a little discouraged. As I have aged a bit more, I acknowledge and understand that this is part of the goal setting/planning and action process. Lately, I have pushed some more short-term goals aside simply because of time restraints, and tiredness. However, I want to make some changes not only for myself, but also for my family. In this paper I will present two objectives and three tasks associated with meeting those objectives. I will do these objectives and tasks for two weeks. Finally, I will measure the success and the outcome from these objectives and tasks at the end. Part One Since having our daughter Paisley and going to school full-time and working full-time, I have put my health on the backburner. Meaning, I quit working-out because I didn’t really have time anymore. The other reason is because the only time I would be able to workout would be at …show more content…

Eating healthy and exercising can help to improve mental health and physical health, so that is why I choose this goal. I decided to focus in on this goal also because I want to see the best of myself, and I want to see my body in tip-top shape. I currently have what is known as the “Dad Bod”, and I don’t necessarily want to have that kind of body anymore. Another reason why I decided to focus in on this goal is for my family. My fiancé Jade has noticed my overall health decline in the past 6 months and has been a driving force and a motivator in making positive changes in regards to my overall

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  • Explains that they have always been keen to set goals in their life, long-term and short term. they have pushed some short- term goals aside simply because of time restraints, and tiredness.
  • Explains that they have put their health on the backburner since having their daughter paisley and going to school full-time. they decided to start their two-week "challenge" on march 25th.
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