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The group that I have always felt like I fit in the most throughout all of my life, would have to be my high school Color Guard. Color Guard was always the thing I turned to when I was upset, or simply just had a lot on my mind. To tell you about my Color Guard, I will first have to tell you a bit about the town I grew up in. I grew up in the small town of Antlers, Oklahoma where we had two stoplights, a small school, a dollar general, and a small array of family-owned businesses and restaurants. This small town has never been excellent at any sports or academics, but, we have always had the reputation of having a great band and Color Guard. I never fully realized how great and truly life changing this group was until I became a member of The Pride of Antlers Bearcat Marching Band and Color Guard. Color Guard, despite the stereotypes, has not only been a life changing experience for me but has also helped shape me into the person I am today by teaching me how to be a leader, how it feels to be a performer, and even how to work with a group of girls, and truly be part of a team.
Color Guard was first brought up in the days of war when Color Guard was simply the people who carried the nation’s flag and marched along with the drummers, who were there to keep the soldiers in step as they were preparing for, or going to war. Later on, as marching band started to become more for performance, and were developing in schools, Color Guard became the art form of the band. The Color Guard then started to do more dance-like moves, as well as more difficult and performance-like things with flags and rifles. The flags also changed, they were no longer the nation’s emblem or colors, but, they started to go a...

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...f my life, and I will never forget the feeling of performing under those Friday night lights. These are, in my opinion, the most hard-working, and most disciplined group of girls that you will find in a high school. These girls perform in wind, rain, or shine. Whether it is one-hundred degrees outside, or almost freezing, these girls always give it their all in a show, and when the awards are announced at the end, all of this becomes completely worth it. Color Guard has not only brought me closer to people, but it has also taught me leadership skills, and showed me what it is like to be truly passionate about something. I recommend any young girls looking to find themselves to get involved in a group or organization like this one.

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