Personal Ethics: Personal Goals And Goals In Life

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Ethics is basically a set of moral values and principles of one’s own or an organization. It is diagnosticating between right and wrong matter. Ethics is derived from a Greek word ‘ethos’ which means character or habits. ”Ethics is not definable, it is not implementable, because it is not conscious, it involves not only our thinking, but also our feeling.(Setzar 1709-1784)”.However, ethical values could be different among different individuals or personalities as everyone has their own precedence in life and also they have different cultures, religion , nation and nurturing according to which they prioritize their values. Moreover, these ethical values play a vast role in attaining certain goals in life either personal or professional. Goal is basically a result or achievement that one tends to acquire in life. But one shouldn’t earn his/ her goal on the cost of their ethical values. I believe that everyone should have specific plans to achieve desired goals in life but one should always emphasize on his/her own ethical values while making these plans to achieve goals. Many people however set a certain time limit to fetch their goal. I have various goals in my life that I wish to accomplish in my life. First of all I would like to discuss my personal goals. Personal goals are really important in one’s life to have a happy present and pleasant future. Personal goals are what one wants to see himself/ herself in person. My Personal goals are firstly to fulfill all the promises that I have made with my family. My family is in first place for me. I want to make my family proud of me. My father is my ideal as he is a very kind person a very good husband, a very good son and the best father on this earth. I really want to be like my...

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... to spend some time with my friends also as my friends will also be of my age at that time and they will understand me the best. One day I have to die, as death is a natural process but after dying my real legacy would be my values to my children and my grandchildren. I want that when I die, my children and society remember me as a good person who was always able to act upon her values. As children also learn from their parents so I want my children to get a treasure of good values from me, so that my values could help them to handle various situations in life. I want them to remember with a feeling of proud for me. I want to end my life in such a way that I complete all my purposes for which I have born on this earth as we all have got only one life, so it is really precious, that’s why I want to end my life meaningfully and worthwhile.
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