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Edson Arantes do Nascimento or better known as Pele was prodominitally named the best soccer player in the world and is still arguebly the best in history. The style of playing by Pele had changed the game forever. And due to such great success in his country, Brazil had become the most feared International team to date. But not only did Pele just change the game of soccer he also changed the hearts and minds of the less priviliged people around the world, by giving them hope to keep going and pushing onwards toward their dreams.

On October 23, 1940 in the small town of Tres Coracoes in Southern Brazil a gifted child by the name of Edson Arantes do Nascimento was born. And just two years after him his younger brother Zora was born and they did everything together all the time, esspecially playing soccer. At a very young age Edson was introduced to a game called soccer which in his country is the most popular sport that was played. His father Dondinho who was also a great soccer player taught the game to Edson and just about everything to know. But due to the unfortuniate money problems his family had they were not able to afford a soccer ball to play with. So to fix the problem Edson’s father took an old sock and stuffed it with rags so the kids could play with that and use it as their soccer ball.

An some short years later he was giving a name Pele by all the neighborhood kids. Edson had no idea what it ment and either did any of the kids it was just a nickname that was givin to him because his soccer skills were much better than anyone else of his age. But little did he know the name Pele would stay with him throughout his whole life an become the most popular name during his life time. But due to his lo...

... middle of paper ... practice” , and “Enthusiasm is everything, it must be taught and vibrationg like a guitar string.” ( ). Also is Brazil a new game was stared called “pelada” which was were the game of soccer was played in the streets. This game only to have been played by the worlds best, Pele, who gave this game its popularity. Some of his career states when he played were scoring 1280 goals in 1360 games. Which set the record for his country and the rest of the world. this record is still yet to be beating and some say it never will. Pele aslso had ninty-two hat tricks, which is still a world record. He scored four goals in thirty games, three goals in ninty-two games, and eight goals in one game which is the most goals ever scored by one person. Pele also racked up a 100 or more goals in three different season, and had over 400 goals by the age of twenty-one.

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how pele was discovered by waldemar de brito at the age of eleven and trained him in secret until he was sixteen. they met every day and worked on his touches, shots, foot skills, dribbling, and knowing what to do at certin times on the field.
  • Narrates how pele and brito would go around brazil playing and trying to find teams that could match his skill level, but out of all the games he played in, and all of his players, they couldn't find someone to compare to his level.
  • Explains how pele's popularity led to the santos stadium filling up with roars and chants every time he got the ball and did anything. he was selected to be on the brazil national team in 1958.
  • Describes pele as a prodigy to the game of soccer and the youngest player to ever play in the world cup.
  • Explains that pele became the regime's symbol of the erar, or what economists called the "brazilian miracle." he was rated the best player in the world, and the highest paid player.
  • Explains that pele decided to retire his career in 1973, but came out of retirement to play for the united states in 1975. the extra 4.7 million dollar contract helped him bring the sport to a much more popular standard.
  • Describes how edson arantes do nascimento or better known as pele was prodominitally named the best soccer player in the world.
  • Describes how pele's life changed after he retired from soccer. he was honored with the international peace award in 1978.
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