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Fc Barcelona Soccer fans are now questioning the recent failures Fc Barcelona has had and are wondering if the club is starting to get weak and go down. Except many don’t know that they have come a long way ever since the club was founded. During the 1890’s sports were still considered amateur and useless. Even though sports weren’t encouraged and popular, a swiss gentleman named Hans Gamper and a group of his friends that did other sports together founded the well known club in 1899, Fc Barcelona. Hans Gamper also known as Joan Gamper was born November 22, 1877. He was raised with 4 other siblings altogether making it 5. At a young age he balanced his education and sports just like most teenagers do now. He played many sports such as soccer, swimming, rugby, and cycling. He was athletic so he did very well every sport he tried. He enjoyed the other sports he played when he was young but soccer was his first choice. Once he was older he then started his career in soccer. Not only did Gamper found and play for Fc Barcelona, But he also founded and played for other clubs. The first club he founded was in his hometown Zurich. This club he first founded was named Excelsior. He then moved on and played for Basle and Fc Zurich, Which were other clubs he formed. Then At age 18 Gamper started to move around to different locations leading him to Barcelona. At the young age of 18 Gamper moved from his hometown Zurich to Lyon, France. It is known that his reason for movement was for work. Even though he worked that still didn’t stop him from playing with the local team at lyon. The world he knew of would change when he moved to Barcelona and founded Fc Barcelona in 1899. However after a while, His uncle eventually persuaded him into ... ... middle of paper ... ...arez is an example of how the skill level of players and the game of soccer grew more intense year after year. Throught the years there have been amazing players come and go for Fc Barcelona. For Example Ronald Koeman who was a fantastic defender and one of the best penalty takers. Or attacking midfielder Victor Borba Ferreira who had incredible dribbling skills. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira who is also known as Ronaldinho was especially an inspiring player who brought a lot of talent to the table. All these players contributed so much to Fc Barcelona but there is one player that drastically changed everything for Fc barcelona the day he joined. At 16 years old Lionel Messi made his first debut at a friendly game with porto. most of your transitions were really good so nice job, but i would say add more than just 2 sentences like add some more background sentences

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  • Explains that football fans are questioning the recent failures of fc barcelona and are wondering if the club is starting to weaken.
  • Describes hans gamper, also known as joan, who was born november 22, 1877. he played soccer, swimming, rugby, and cycling.
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