Lionel Messi: A Professional Soccer Player

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Lionel Messi the player who was diagnosed with a growth disorder. Lionel Messi overcame it and was able to become a professional soccer player. Lionel Messi and his growth disorder. A growth disorder is a disorder that prevents a child reaching their initial height (Peak 13). Nevertheless some symptoms of a growth disorder usually deals with the height or the child could be larger or smaller than other normal height children. A child with a growth disorder can grow much faster or slower than a normal child. At birth a child who has a growth disorder would have an unusual birth weight. This happens when the heredity is having problems functioning. The heredity is one of the most important things that help develop the body's growth (12). The…show more content…
Messi was the shortest on the field, but he did not give up trying to be better than the others. He was not the strongest nor the biggest on his team. He can do all those things better than those players, being he did not let anything build up into his head (“Fitzpatrick”). Previously in his lifetime as a child people thought Messi was not going to become a soccer player or succeed in his dream. The day Lionel Messi became a professional soccer player, was why he became famous. In addition to Messi becoming famous, he brought attention to the people who doubted him and those who supported him. Messi has been playing soccer for almost his entire life, and his dream was to be a professional soccer player. He made that dream come true on May 1, 2005 (Caioli 337). The people that were there to help and support Messi on his journey to succeed. Messi’s father, Jorge, influenced him into doing more soccer leagues as a child, and during that time he was dealing with growth disorder. One concept his father said about Messi’s future was, “I think it will be good. He will keep developing, he will even be better (168).” His father meant that he thinks Messi will do excellent in the big leagues, he will keep becoming better. There are other things that inspired Messi, but there was one that he believed most in. The one point that he believed most in was soccer. Soccer was Messi’s sport, he loved the game and enjoyed

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