Patricia Benner: A Career Stage Of A Career Model

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With every career path one takes, we are always beginners at the starting line. After months of training or even years we become better and faster at what we do. We even learn new ways of doing thing, and even know a few tricks to show the new people starting off. Dr. Patricia Benner published her model in 1984 (McEwen & Wills Pg. 230). Although her work encompasses about nursing domains and specific functions and interventions, it has the stages of skill acquisition that have received the most attention on application in administration, education, practice and research. Dr. Benner introduced the concept that expert nurses develop skills and understanding of patient care over time through a sound educational base as well as a multitude of experiences such as novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient and expert. She further explains the development of how knowledge in applied disciplines such as medicine and nursing is composed…show more content…
I began working at a medical office for cardiology and fell in love with nursing and the human body. During my process I became a CNA and held two jobs working part-time at the hospital and part-time in the office. I feel that at this moment I am in the advanced beginner stage. Although the first stage, novice, fits a lot of new nurses. With the knowledge and skills I have acquired throughout my learning, I better fit in advanced beginner stage. I remember all the excitement and emotions of going into the hospital during practicum, and even my first few weeks at work. I was scared, and shy. I asked question after question. Even though I still ask questions, I find myself researching and asking “why” more often. I feel confident in the care I give my patients. I am able to answer questions with the knowledge that I have obtained throughout the years. I feel with my experience I have grown and evolved and became better. Not only as a nurse, but as a lifetime student of
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