The Importance Of Nursing Professional Development

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Nursing is a dynamic discipline with constant change. Practicing in such changing professional context demands highly competent and safe care from nurses. This means that nurses demonstrate ability to grow personally and professionally in order to remain relevant and informed about new technology, evidence based practices, recent research within the nursing profession as well as capacity to function multi-culturally within diverse population. These expectations require professional development. Nursing professional development “is the lifelong process of active participation by nurses in learning activities that assist in developing and maintaining their continuing competence, enhance their professional practice, and support achievement of…show more content…
To ensure the delivery of evidence-base and patient-centered care one has to stay current by taking courses, attending conferences, continuous online CEUs and obtaining certification. Professional growth will benefit the nurse and the patient in giving competent care. Church (2016) enumerated the consequences of nursing competence and development to include improved patient outcomes, clinical judgement, accountability and confidence. Church further asserts that “an environment that emphasizes a culture of continuous professional development is crucial, as it motivates nurses to develop their competence, improve their work environment, and deliver quality patient care” (p. E13). Professional development in nursing enhance the knowledge, confident and skills of nurses in caring for patient; promotes healthy work culture, high quality nursing care and positive patient outcome (Elder, 2017). In this paper, I will be reviewing my professional history, growth, strategic plan now and for five to ten…show more content…
I obtained my LPN license shortly after taking my licensing examination in June 2009. I was not eligible to work because my visa status in the United States was “Dependent Pass,” I could only work when my status changed to permanent resident (Green Card). I was able to volunteer as an LPN at the Harrisonburg Free Clinic, a health center where individuals with chronic illness, low income and no insurance receive some form of medical service. I received my Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) in 2014, from the Blue Ridge Community College(BRCC), Weyers Cave and received my license right after graduation. My nursing school at BRCC was very challenging because I enrolled in the LPN –RN program, which was three semesters after completion of the required prerequisite courses when compared to the five semesters for the traditional RN program. The program was somewhat accelerated with the assumption that one has some nursing experience working as nurse after graduation from LPN school. The classwork, tests and paper writing went very well but not the clinical, consequently, I had to take one more semester for clinical. November 7, 2013 “was a watershed in my nursing career’s history,” against all odds I was determined to graduate nursing school. Being nurse has been a great adventure for
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