Passage Of Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

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This passage in the novel The Bean Trees is complex, symbolic, and significant. It starts with a storm arriving towards Taylor and her friends while they observe the event. A storm can symbolize negativity or a cleansing of emotions. Despite the rainstorm, Taylor and the others are surprisingly in a joyous mood, dancing around with each other. The characters feel a relief from all that has happened, including Esperanza, who attempts to commit a suicide in the previous chapters. On the first few chapters, Taylor’s mindset has been focusing on being independent, but this passage shows a change about her. During their dance, Taylor reflects on how she has never been so happy before, therefore Taylor‘s happiness proportionally relates to her relationships …show more content…

“…it broke into hundreds of pieces so that the rain fell here and there from high clouds in long, curving gray plumes.” The hyperbole about the storm produces a wild sense of the surroundings. Kingsolver uses the onomatopoeia and simile to describe appearance and the sound of the storm. The first-person point of view also assists on expressing Taylor’s senses and emotions. In describing Taylor’s feelings for Estevan, Kingsolver combines them into a one complex sentence, which displays the exhilaration that Taylor feels. Most of all the paragraphs’ structure is similar, adding consistency to the passage. The consistency makes it easier for the readers to follow and understand the message and concepts that the author conveys in the novel. Additionally, Kingsolver uses contrast to bring out the mood among Taylor’s group. In the beginning, she makes a deadly ambience with the storm and lightning, yet the characters are very high in spirit and energy to a point in which they dance under the storm. It enhances the characters’ emotion to attract the attention of the readers, which makes it more noticeable just like light being brighter in the dark. Kingsolver also uses this passage as a chance to build up for a shocking event unexpected by

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