Papuan's Cultural Tourism Potential

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Papua is one of Province located in the eastern of Indonesia. This eastern country has a unique variety which different among all regions. Diverse of ethnicities, cultures, race, languages, handicrafts, and nature, is a treasure of this “Heaven Land” which is still unknown to many people around the world. Why should we develop Papuan’s cultural tourism potential?, As an indigenous people that is our responsible to protect, develop, and introduce our cultural potential. The tourism holding an important role about introducing of an etnichcity. In the other side, culture giving an interest for foreign and being a devisa undirectly.

Stand in equatorial area, Papua has a tremendous natural wealth and also rich with culture. The geogrephical condition of Papua Province is 317.062km2. If compared with Indonesian Republic territory, Papua Province is an area of 19.33 percent of the state of Indonesia which reached 1,890,754 km2. It is the largest province in Indonesia. Diverse culture potention, ranging from the natural attractions of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and other various attractions.

BODInews,(JAYAPURA) - General Secretary of the Association of Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants (PHRI) Papua, Jeff Abel said, “the potential of tourism in Indonesia's easternmost province was the most complete and best in the world”.

"All models of tourism in Papua, starting from natural attractions, culture, history, savannah, sea and underwater as well as others, that is a wealth of this province," said Jeff Abel in Jayapura, on Tuesday (22 / 6) and, as ANTARAnews preached and quoted BODInews.

He gave the example of snow in the mountains of tropical line that only ...

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...d,do serious work in accordance with the results of research and planning of existing results. Of course the results of research and planning that was developed to boost the tourism potential should really useful to the general public. When these three steps is done with the principles of togetherness, it will give excellent results for all agencies.

When there is no real action that local governments do to save the assets of the region (tourism potential) do not ever dream of, the people and the area will be developed. All need the practice, the theory at length without any real action, only produce a long dispute and debate.

If the entire potential of natural resources are managed and exploited, will provide high economic value and can increase local revenues to finance development for the welfare of society.

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