Importance Of Private Transport

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Transport is an essential part of human activities. More and more people are choosing private transport because they can afford it and it provides them the freedom to travel wherever and whenever they want. However, this practice and trend can create more problems in societies such as traffic congestion, air pollution, more energy consumption and road accident. In order to prevent and solve these problems, public transport must be given a high priority in the future in all countries. This essay will provide strong support and reasons why public transport will become more important than private transport in the future.
There are numerous reasons why many people prefer using their private vehicles for their daily commute. However, public transport
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For instance, most people who live in rural areas where public transport service is limited and it is difficult to get access to are more likely to relocate permanently into urban areas because of their job or school. Moreover, they also bring their own private vehicles into a city. In such circumstance, the traffic problem of urbanization can be seen especially some cities where public transport cannot serve the demand of people in rural areas to travel the cities for their daily activities. China has faced tremendous urbanization problems due to the migration of the people from rural areas to big cities for their job. In Beijing, for example, from 1990 to 2009, population increased from 10.8 million to 17.6 million and this urbanization has created some problems due to the higher demand for urban transport, housing and other infrastructures. Leaders of most cities have come to realize that public transport is the only way to deal with these problems. Chinese government has also focused on providing public transport service to more people through the investment in high-speed rail way which will reach 120,000 km with more than 16,000 km of high-speed rail by 2015 and urban metro railway which will increase to more than 158 new lines in 10 Chinese cities to reduce the traffic challenges (Ren Peng…show more content…
“As urban populations swell, city planners must bolster bus and train systems if we are to reduce traffic accidents” (Adriazola, 2013). The statistic shows that there are about 1.4 million people who die each year in road accidents and without any preventive actions or future transport plans, there will be approximately 1.9 million people will die from road traffic crashes annually (World Health Organization, 2013). In Thailand, the number of road accidents and deaths by using private cars and motorcycles during New Year celebration when people have a long holiday and return to their hometown is very high. During this period, Thai government strongly encourages people to use public transport and provides more access and frequency of public transport service in order to reduce damage and loss on the road to minimum (The Government Public Relation Department, 2014). Due to a high rate of accidents and deaths from private transport every year, many countries in the world will become more aware of the importance of public transport in the future. Good public transport system in a country can assure more safety and reduce the loss of lives in the
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