PESTLE Analysis Of Spike Island Adventure

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enables organisations to make effectives plans and decisions in terms of business growth and development in the future. The PESTLE framework helps to determine factors such as whether or not the political state of the country is affecting the industry, if there are any economic issues, new technological innovations, current legislations and environment concerns within the industry. The macro-environment of an organisation consist of all of these factors and these can have various long-term effects on each different industry as they have no control over them. However, it is vital for any company to analyse these aspects when developing future plans as the organisation will have a greater understanding of the external environment and will enable them to maximise opportunities while minimizing any threats that may arise against the organisation. 1. Political Political factors relate to the extent to which the government, or the policies brought about by the government, may impact a business, a particular industry or the …show more content…

Any governmental policies introduced that are related to the operations of a business or that affect the tourism industry, will affect Spike Island Adventure. For example, if new tax policies are introduced then it will have on impact on the adventure centre’s performance, profitability and other aspects of the operations of the business such as the transport, employees’ wages, etc. The biggest political factor that could affect Spike Island Adventure is Brexit as England is Ireland’s largest market for trade and is now no longer as easy to access. It can cause financial difficulty for Spike Island Adventure if they are trading goods to and from Britain as the exchange rate has increased. It can also have an effect on visitors numbers to Spike Island Adventure as it would be more expensive for the potential UK visitors to travel to Ireland in the

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