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1. INTRODUCTION The Internet is a very popular Information Technology means for exchange of information and transaction data between businesses and customers all around the world. For over three decades now, internet has become a prime business market area. The US Government had initially developed the internet for the purpose of research and education within the country. However, today this evolving technology has spurred drastically and has reached out to all the aspects of business and social circles of our daily lives. The intensified use of Information and Communications Technology has had a radical impact on the social circle of every person’s daily life. Organizations being made up of the masses have gotten affected by this technology-revolution. With the intensive growth of the Internet, it has gradually creeped up into the business orientated arena as well. A new electronic economy flux is underway which targets all the assorted trends with this new networking technology. It is deeply effecting how the business is managed and organized globally. E-commerce includes marketing and selling etc of products over the Internet. With the increase in use of credit cards and online payment services, this trend too has benefitted significant strength over the time. The concept of business over the Internet is popularly known as E-commerce. E-commerce today represents a mammoth 300 billion dollar industry (Lee). This intangible market-place serves as an excellent platform for businessmen to promote themselves and to gain new potential business. With the ever growing nature of the internet market-place, the business-grounds become literally limitless for the e-business men. But this is just one side of the picture, with the greatn... ... middle of paper ... ...3-12-22-shoppers_x.htm>. 8. Lee, Choong Y. "A New Marketing Strategy for E-Commerce." A New Marketing Strategy for E-Commerce. Pittsburg, June 2003. 9. Mardesich, Jodi. "The Web Is No Shopper's Paradise." 08 November 1999. 04 March 2010 . 10. Telegraph, Peterborough Evening. "Seminar looks at e-security issues." 26 October 2006. Bnet. 03 March 2010 . 11. "Top 5 Problems With Ecommerce Websites." 12 September 2008. Articlesbase. 04 March 2010 . 12. Wilson, T. "Shippers repackaged as e-provides." Informationweek, 25 October 1999.
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