The Scope And Objectives Of The London Olympic Games 2012

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The following essay provides discussions of the scope and objectives of the London Olympic Games 2012, and identifies event major stakeholders. Work break-down structure, McKinsey 7S, PESTLE Model and other relevant planning techniques will be introduced to demonstrate project requirements such as infrastructures, financial, man-power, technologies, resources, risks management, operations, procedures and more. This essay will also point out the obstacles faced by the project manager during the preparations of the events, and provide solutions adopted that influenced project outcomes. The Olympic Games are the leading worldwide sport event that held every 4 years, featuring thousands of international athletes from more than 200 nations participating in a variety of sports competitions. Although the Games are about winning the sports competitions, they also provide a platform for the nations throughout the world to learn different cultures and share uniqueness. The Games are important, and have to be held because they transmit a message of friendship and peaceful between nations. …show more content…

It was estimated that the Olympic Games 2012 would involve more than 11,000 athletes and officials, 1 million visitors from around the world, and 4 billion television audiences, or more. Therefore, it was important to ensure that the Games preparations were ready on time, delivered high standard sports facilities to the sports professionals while controlled spending within budget. Being a mega international event, London Olympic Games 2012 must be delivered successfully. This project required strict procedure and management by everyone involved, which very much depended on the working team and the stakeholders. The following Figure 1 demonstrates the relevant stakeholders that contributed to the

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