Othello Handkerchief Analysis

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The Significant of the Handkerchief in Othello by William Shakespeare The handkerchief influences and affects multiple characters in the play. We see the cloth speaks to Othello and his affection for Desdemona being his first blessing he gives her, but in the play we see Othello is suspicions of Desdemona and her loyalty towards him. However the handkerchief is a link to Othello’s past; he got it from his mother when she was dying. Othello uses the handkerchief to show his love to Desdemona. He considers it an image of confidence and love. The handkerchief shows us how Desdemona feels when it comes to Othello, but when she loses the handkerchief, it becomes Othello’s greatest downfall. It gives us an insight on Iago and Emilia’s relationship, and how Iago destroy the marriage of Othello and Desdemona. On the other hand the handkerchief, original had a place with an Egyptian sorceress who offered it to Othello’s mom and said it would keep her attractive and keep her spouse faithful. The handkerchief is dye in mummy which the skillful conserved of maidens’ heart: “the handkerchief dye is thus derived from the embalmed bodies of its victims” (Fairchild, 1922). When Othello’s mom passed , she passed a cloth down and instructed him to offer it to a woman he would one day wed. The…show more content…
However, if she lost it or gives it away, her spouse will begin to detest her and taking a gander at other women. When she was dying, she offered it to him and instructed him to offer it to his wife when he’s one day married . The handkerchief should be is something valuable, and losing it or giving it to someone would be an unspeakable misfortune, a misfortune like none other. Therefore the handkerchief implied a considerable measures to Othello although its given to him by his mother. The cloth holds unique powers, and if its lost so will the devotion in their
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