Symbolism and Foreshadowing in Othello

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In the play, Othello by William Shakespeare throughout the entire play it had portrayed symbolism and foreshadowing. These had influenced the most of the characters to act in a foolish ways. This leads us to a suspense ending that caused loved ones to go against each other. By not realizing what is going on between the characters can cause confusing in the plans of the play. Likewise, by connecting each of the following character made it seem we might have knew something was going to happen at the end. Throughout the play we are able to recognize that the handkerchief is played as an important part with all the characters. This is done by showing how each one of the characters is acting with it being loss. Due to it being misplaced some of the characters will do something they normally wouldn’t have done.

The first symbol is the handkerchief. Othello had given Desdemona this as a significant gift of his love to her. By having this gift, it had showed that she is faithful to be part of his marriage and wants him to see that she wants to be with him. Due to Iago telling his wife to take it is a symbol that Othello will think that she is fooling around with Cassio. Since he had the missing handkerchief, he believes she is now becoming unfaithful to his love. Due to the color of white and red has meaning behind it. The white represents the purity of the marriage they first had, this means she was once the faithful girl he had married. The red strawberries are dyed from blood of a virgin. Since she didn’t think she lost it she searches everywhere for it can be in her hands. Once it had been lost, it is like she had lost her pureness.

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...demona’s handkerchief was the main object and symbol that was known for betrayal. In result, Iago had been the primary reason why we experience betrayal in the play. Due to Othello giving away the handkerchief was a sign for his affection to his beloved wife. In addition, it then moves from person onto the next person which was caused by Iago. Once Othello becomes jealous it makes it act on as an illusion since Desdemona. She had been faithful the entire time during their marriage and thinks that she has been cheating on him. The people Iago had betrayed with this handkerchief were: Othello, Emila, Cassio, and Desdemona. Furthermore, it was intended to have significance as a symbol of sacred trust. It was known as the “pledge of love” to Desdemona.

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