Organizational Development and Device Managment, List of Organizational Levels

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Organizational development can be defined as a systematic process of planning in which to apply scientific principles and practice behaviour are introduced in the organization, towards the goal to increase individual and organizational effectiveness. Organizational development is related to device management of an organization with a method of bringing about organizational change and has a special approach which lays claim to being much more than just another recipe for change management. Organizational development has much in common with other approaches in organizations, it theoretically has a number of characteristics which are: A planned, Medium-to Long-term strategy. A systematic and systematic focus. Process-orientated focus. A normative re-educative orientation. The use of a change agent. An orientation to organisational Self-help. Organizational development intervention is a program used to bring a different organization, in one or more of its parts. It can be focused on the problems in one or more of the four organizational levels: 1.The whole organization. 2. Intergroup level. 3. Intragroup level. 4. The individual level. There are many models in the literature process of organizational development and these are usually divided into intervention and different phases. Each phase has its own elements and we will try to explain all briefly. 1. The whole organization: 1.1. Forces for change - There is a connection with the box entitled 'Organisational mission and goals' which conveys the idea that there is an interaction between the forces for change and an organisation's goals. 1.2. Problem diagnosis - Problems in the organization begin to discover that along with possible remedies and ways of achieving them. This mean... ... middle of paper ... ... consultation we found the current situation, needs / interventions and recommendations for the future. Part of interventions and recommendations were marketing as it was the part that had stuck mostly to these companies. Once we have identified the problems and shortcomings of these companies (which was marketing) we have continued working with design and marketing (promotional materials, marketing plans, etc.). These recommendations were presented 3 owners are companies and also donors of these enterprises which were non-governmental organization. Then owners of the enterprises have intervened so what was the maximum we have recommended them to, and for a certain period of time (six months) have managed to become independent and graduating from social business incubator. It was an experience of mine where I practiced and I see closely the development organization.

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