Organizational Behavior Concepts Of AT&T

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AT& T is the largest communications company in the world. The company is the leading U.S. provider of wireless, high speed Internet access, local and long distance voice, and directory publishing and advertising services. They have even expanded to include entertainment with television services called UVERSE TV. With the many accomplishments of this media giant its portrayal of evidenced practice of some successful organizational behavior concepts reveal clear understanding of leadership. AT & T has proven success through effective organizational behaviors that include focusing on organizational structure, organizational culture and communication. Organization culture is the matter that holds a company intact. This is what makes each company stand out from one another. Organizational culture is also what makes employees want to retain employment with a given employer and have a sense of pride in the work that they do. I believe that AT&T is a company who invests a lot in to their employees. According to the company’s career website, AT&T has been named: "America's Most Admired Telecommunications Company" by Fortune magazine nine out of the last 11 years and "World's Most Admired Telecommunications Company" eight out of the last 10 years. A member of the Corporate Equality Index by the Human Rights Campaign, receiving a perfect score for its fair treatment of GLBT employees (2004 — 2006) The company provides great benefits intended to contribute to keep employees motivated to succeed. Through random surveys and employee satisfaction questionnaires, the company is better able to effectively concentrate on employee satisfaction. The company’s website provides proof of employee satisfaction. AT & T has been identified: A... ... middle of paper ... AT&T. (2008, Januray). Retrieved Februrary 21, 2008, from AT&T Inc Web Site: Markoff, J. (2006, May 13). Retrieved February 10, 2008, from NEW York Times: Press, A. (2006, March 07). MSNBC. Retrieved February 15, 2008, from Reardon, M. (2006, March 5). Cnet Retrieved February 15, 2008, from Wire, B. (2003, April 9). BNET. Retrieved February 22, 2008, from BNET Business Network:
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