Organizational Analysis For An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

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Organizational Analysis An organizational analysis in an important endeavor for an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) to embark on. Examining the mechanisms of an organization and its inner workings, can give critical insight to areas in need of change. In addition, an analysis will offer a sense of the culture for learning, and level of greatness. This paper will examine healthcare organizations as complex adaptive systems, isolate an organization within a larger system, depict the organizations’ culture and climate, define the principal leadership style, discover the level of greatness, and decipher the organizations’ readiness for change. Complex Adaptive Systems Complex adaptive systems (CAS), are composed of smaller subsystems that work together to reach the goals of the entire system (“Systems thinking”, n.d.). A healthcare organization is a CAS as it is composed of multiple systems working together towards a goal. CAS systems influence, and are influenced by, the actions and behaviors of the other systems within it (Plsek & Greenhalgh, 2001). The components of the system must interact with each other for effective goal attainment. A broad review of a system can reveal areas in need of alteration. Individuals inherently want predictability in the way a system works. However, the Chaos Theory, states unpredictable events in small pieces of individual systems, that when studied will show patterns and can be used as avenues for change (Wheatley, 1993). Think of viral outbreaks from the past year. There was no predictability, however, in the chaos of people affected and not affected by a virus, a pattern of the proper protective material was identified and changes to infection prevention were implemented. Individuals in... ... middle of paper ... ...yle, but would improve the functionality of the organization. Offering avenues for education and mentorships to create exceptional leaders is a priority for an APRN to pursue (Engebretson, & Hickey, 2015). Continued organizational improvement is based off of continued learning and knowledge of changes within and outside of the organization. Conclusion Change is arduous, but inevitable, if an organization wants to provide safe and effective healthcare to its clients. An organizational analysis, is merely the beginning of a long road to change. Using the information gleaned from an analysis, will assist in transforming an organization to its potential. As an APRN, the opportunity to assist the organization on the road to improvement is endless. Utilizing the tools obtained through education and experience, can provide much needed guidance to a struggling organization.
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