Argumentative Essay On Organic Food

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No one likes to be lied to. Health in America today is one of the people’s biggest concerns. Organic food advocates claim that organic food has more nutrition, does not use pesticides, is better for the environment, benefits the small farmer, and over all just tastes better. Organic food is not as beneficial for you, or the environment, as the advocates today would have you believe.
Those who subscribe to an organic life style will tell you that organic foods have more nutrients than food that comes from today’s conventionally produced food. Researchers have sifted through fifty years’ worth of nutritional studies, most of which were poorly conducted. A systematic review of these studies was conducted by top experts in the field and their results were reviewed by the American Society for Nutrition, they concluded that: So if you buy a bag full of apples, some apples in that bag have more nutrients than the other apples in the same bag. Scientific research has shown that organic products are in no way superior or inferior on a nutritional standpoint than their non-organic counterparts.
Most people believe that organic farmers do not use pesticides. That is not one hundred percent true. To be clear, pesticides are poisons farmers use to keep undesirables out of the garden, manly insects and weeds. While there are ways to keep insect at bay by using pesticide free methods, in which these methods are simply not as effective at saving crops as using pesticides. The only free of pesticides ways farmers can keep weeds out of the gardens to hand pick them. This is not economically feasible possible for small farmers and is not practiced by any large scale organic operation.
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... There is no scientific proof that organically grown crops are more nutritious then conventionally grown crops. Organic farmers do use pesticides and it is economically difficult not to do so. The forgoing of synthetic pesticides leaves organic farmers using more harmful natural alternatives. Unless a person buys straight from the farm, organic food profits are not going to small farmers. Be informed; look for the certified organic label and follow-up with the USDA Organic Agriculture. The USDA has a list of farms and the regulation along with the laws of labeled certified organic foods. Understand what is harmful and what is prohibited within regards to certified organic foods. Know where local produce is coming from and buy local. Also, when shopping at the farmers market, ask the farmer what methods does he believes in and what he is putting on his produce.
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