Online Community

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Online Community

What is an online community and who is a part of it?

Online community is a community where people communicate, exchange information, and make business through the internet access. It's the community of all people who can afford to have a computer or have the ability to access the internet. The internet is easy, inexpensive, convenient to use and available to all.

The internet has a low monthly fee that everyone can afford to access. Sometimes they even have free internet access. It is easy to access. Turn the computer on and click one button and one will connect to the internet. The internet is always available to all, even to those who can't afford to have the computer at home, can't afford to pay the monthly fee, or those people who travel around. They can access the internet through the library, school, or even in coffee shops at various cities. There is a library in every city in the U.S. The technology is becoming more and more developed everyday. People can now own a small computer that is transferable, a laptop. They can carry and use it anytime and anywhere they go. People can talk or communicate to as many people as they want, not like telephone where we can only talk to one or two people at a time. It's just as a retired librarian woman said in John Schwartzs article "The American Dream, and Email for All": "I'm a grandmother; I wish some of my friends were online. It's so much simpler than to communicate in person. You just have to sit down and type something" (241).

What do people do on online communities? The internet is very useful in many different ways. John Schwartz stated: "You can pay bills online, find out what is going on at the local high school, get friendly medical advice from a local doctor, or argue about the area's environment issues on local newsgroup in his article "(240). People can use the internet to do school work, get information, communicate, download music and coupons, play games, shop and make business. Many businesses have been successful and are satisfied with the internet access. Through this communication they can make their businesses become more popular and successful. The internet makes their businesses easy for people to find and locate their location, and do business with. Sometimes there are some people are too busy to go out shopping.

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