Innovations: The MP3 Player, the Internet, and Cell Phones

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In the past 100 years or so, human life has seen a lot of change. The discoveries in the last century have mad human life more comfortable than one could have ever imagined. No one could have thought back then that I can actually get a video of whatever is going on in any part of the world on my television set. Nor seen your friends and family in a split second on computer, or cell phone. To listening to music walking down the street with a device no bigger then a Zippo lighter. The most influenced innovation that have benefited mankind with communication and entertainment are mp3 players, the internet, and cell phones. The device that made walkmans obsolete is the mp3 player. A mp3 player made it easy to walk down the street listen to music. Most of these devices are no bigger then a Zippo lighter. This device opened up ideas for compressing files on a small device for work and school. Mp3 players can carry word documents, power point presentations and pictures. With information being so important it would me hard to live without a mp3 player. This device has opened up features on our cell phones, car stereos, and video games. The internet has changed fast in the last 20 years. Dial-up was a time consuming, disliked way of communicating. But now with cable internet made the internet more enjoyable. Every site you visit has advertisements to sell you the newest product. shopping is so easy to do with just a click of the mouse. Netflix and Blockbuster lets you rent a movie without leaving your home. With a click of a mouse you can find a job, who past away, and watch the news. The thought of your spouse being across the ocean for business or fighting for our country would scare anyone; but now you can see your better half on web cam to make sure they are in good health. The internet makes it easier to keep in connect with your mother and father. Having a business meeting from home or even working from home is more convent. The internet has increased consumers, put our hearts at easy, and let us work from home. Cell phones one of the most annoying inventions but the most part our lives today. This device has been changed in the last 30 years; the simple phone call is no longer.

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