Of Love And Dust Interracial Relationships Essay

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In “Of Love and Dust”, Gaines presents two interracial relationships. An interracial relationship is when there are two people with different racial or ethnic groups that are intimate. Sidney Bonbon, a Cajun overseer of Hebert Plantation, has a Creole mistress by the name of Pauline. Whereas, Marcus Payne, a Creole young man recently bonded out of jail, has relations with Louise who is a Cajun. “Cajun generally refers to European American residents of French-speaking Louisiana as distinct from their African American Creole.” (Ray)The time era in which the novel takes place does not approve interracial relationships. In Fact, the setting of the novel takes place in 1948 which ties with the “Jim Crow South”. “Relationships were often forced…show more content…
Interracial relationships are common to see all over the world .Some of today’s known celebrities are in interracial relationships. For example, Ryan Gosling, Halle Berry, Chrissy Tiegen, John Legend, Matthew McConaughey, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, Tamera Mowry, David Bowie, and Iman all have one thing in common and that would be interracial relationships. The celebrities are open when it comes to their relationship most fans honor their decisions. Although, the world still has moments were citizens do not want equality of anything whether it is interracial marriage or interracial relationships. Another example would be that there are no more laws that restrict an individual to dating or marring someone outside of their ethnicity. “On December 17, 1964, the Court handed down a unanimous decision reversing the conviction. Writing for the majority, Justice White said that the cohabitation statute denied the defendants the equal protection of the laws guaranteed by the Four-tenth Amendment.” (Newbeck 131) The protection law, which so happens to be the fourteenth amendment grants the people of the United States protection. Although, some people feel like ones race should stick to their own specific race, which is heart breaking. It is heartbreaking because ones granted that right. In the novel, all of the interracial…show more content…
Wang Interracial marriage: Who is 'marrying out'?)The hardship in which to get today’s “American Dream” or trend has had its ups and downs but the outcome has been wonderful. The author, Ernest Gaines was born on a plantation in a similar setting as the novel and even though the novel was fictional the story divides a piece of America’s beauty. Interracial relationships have kept individuals from being together like Marcus and Louise and Bonbon and Pauline. The laws and the Cajuns made it difficult for them and the individuals that lived in the “Jim Crow South.”Meanwhile in today’s society families have relationships among each other. Families do not have to hide the love they have, but can express it also. The fourteenth amendment granted an amazing thing so the two unique ethnics will not be discriminated. “For many people, mixed-race children symbolically represent racial harmony.” (Craig-Henonders 181)The children of the interracial breed give a since of pride because like America, the obstacles were beat and it is an honor. America has truly grown to respect one another not only because of the relationship companion wise but a relationship as peer.As stated before “despite the increase in the numbers of interracial couples, particularly those including Blacks and Whites, a taboo against these types of relationships remains. The taboo makes it possible for
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