Odysseus Is A Hero Essay

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The Odyssey Odysseus isn’t one of the best epic heroes in Greek literature but he is a good one. Sometimes he does the right thing and sometimes he does not, but he has never been clueless as to what to do. When Odysseus is sent home on a raft by Calypso to head home and Poseidon seems a storm he listens to the sea goddess Ino that jumps on his boat and tells him to swim to the island that was off in the distance (69). So Odysseus is a pretty good listener when it comes to the gods. Odysseus’s trip contained a lot of troubles and the fact that most of the time his men were complaining about what was going on with them. Odysseus's men were probably the biggest winers exempt for the Israelites in the desert complaining to Moses. Compared to “the arrow” (the arrow is also known as green arrow) I don't think that he was that good of a hero but in that time they didn’t have all the technology that we have today to aid with what they do. By the way the arrow is part of the justice league. Odysseus was portrayed as really strong and smart because of the gods, he is kind of like superman in some ways except that he can't fly or punch people through walls. Considering all these facts he was actually a pretty good epic hero.which brings us to the next topic, Odysseus's other powers that he has. Odysseus …show more content…

One example of this is when his wife says that she had his beef moved, he snapped back and yelled at her that it was impossible to move (286), except usually when you are angry you mess up your words but he didn’t, this shows you how much the gods love him. He is also very stubborn. When he makes up his mind there is no changing it. There are a lot of people like this but when you’re thought to be a hero this is not a good quality. His way of handling things is very different than other

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