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America is dub the land of opportunities and hope by all that look from the outside of the fence in. The shining image of greatness America portrays gives the sense that you can accomplish anything when within its diverse borders. I’m Māori Johnson, and I’m a naturalized citizen of the United States of America from Jordan. Naturalization is defined by the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service (2013) as the process by which U.S citizenship is granted to a foreign citizen. It’s a rigorous thing to accomplish which consist of first applying for citizenship, if accepted you then go through a written test and exam, probably most natural born citizens couldn’t pass. After you’re accepted life isn’t the easiest to begin. I’ve had to leave behind my job in my former country to pursue my new life here. I am pursing a master’s degree in communications from Texas State University to better my opportunities here. However, I’m working at a local H-E-B while I attempt to pursue a career in my area of expertise while attending school. I’ve expected to have a hard time adjusting in that aspect but I’m enjoying my time here. (Question 1) A typical day for me consist of waking at 7 am to get ready for my 8 am classes every day. (Question 2) Then after my classes from 2 pm to 7 pm I go to work at H-E-B where I am a cashier. (Question 3) …show more content…

However, other than that small percentage of people others on campus tend to be mindful of all religious beliefs. Due to that people often have questions concerning my faith and information about my country and what living there was like. The major questions are things like “do you pray five times a day?”, or “What are the long robes you guys wear called?”. I find these questions very amusing since everyone who asks seems to be deeply interested in what I say. (Question

In this essay, the author

  • Introduces mori johnson, a naturalized citizen of the united states of america from jordan.
  • Explains that they wake at 7 am to get ready for their 8 am classes, work at h-e-b, and play sports like basketball and indoor soccer.
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