No More Men: The Need for African American Male Teachers

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Data proves that America does not have enough African American males teaching in today’s schools. As a matter of fact, only 2% of America’s nearly five million teachers are black men (Bryan 1). In our American society, more and more African American females are fiercely taking over both public and private classrooms. Although this might be a great accomplishment, school officials believes that if more black males teach, it would reduce the numbers of minority achievement gaps and dropout rates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 44% of students nationwide are minorities, but nearly 90% of teachers are white. Polls and surveys further read that if there were more African American male teachers, the dropout rate would decrease while the graduation rate increases. In urban societies most African American teens would be more likely to succeed if there were more black males instructing secondary classrooms. Perhaps more importantly, the average black teenager is raised within a single parented home, typically with their father being absent. Not only does the absence of father’s affect the home financially, but also emotionally and socially destruct the family. Although most single mothers do a great job in raising their kids, 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes. For children who live only with a mother, a male teacher may be the only positive male role model in their lives. Most black teens attend urbanized schools in the city or in low budgeted areas. In most cases, these schools does not always function at it’s full potential, due to the high number of students. The average high school graduation rate in the nation’s 50 largest cities was 53 percent, compared with 71 percent in... ... middle of paper ... ...urse education. As stated above, the problem isn’t just simply having more black males inside of secondary schools; but having them actually teach and interact with our students. Works Cited Bailey, Lee. Spike Lee Pushes for More Black Male Educators. 2011. Web. 20 Jan. 2012. Diamond, Laura. Duncan Calls on Black Men to Become Teachers. New York Times. 31 January 2011. Late ed.: A4. Print. Garibaldi, Antoine. The Journal of Negro Education. Vol. 61, (1992), p. 4. Print. Green, Jay. Leaving Boys Behind: Public High School Graduation Rates. Manhattan (2006): 1. Web. Nelson, Bryan. Research Finds America Needs More Black Male Teachers : (2010): 1. Web. January 2012. Storber, Myra and David Tyack. Why do woman teach and men manage?. Vol. 5, No. 3 (Spring, 1980), pp. 494-503. Print.
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