Night and Day

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There are many physical and obvious differences between day and night, however there are many subtle differences in human behavior in the day as compared to in the night. People’s behavior differs during the day and night primarily because of fear, lack of scrutiny and judgment, and liberation from obligations.

In the daytime, the sun illuminates the world, drawing everything into plain sight; in the nighttime however, the moon provides only a faint glow, allowing the world to be obscured and thrust into shadows and darkness. The fundamental fear of the dark is one of the reasons we behave so cautiously during the night. As juveniles, people are taught to fear the night and trust the day; they are told folklore about “the Boogey Man” and other unpleasant creatures that “go bump in the night”, and only in the night. The folklores were told to protect them because it is actually more dangerous during the dark hours of twilight. Many crimes occur during the day; however more crimes occur during the night because there are more places to hide and less people to witness these evil ...
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