Discrimination In Disney Pixar's Day And Night

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Discrimination is too common in the current day and age. It is used to help ignorant, weak people with insecurities to feel better about themselves. Humanity as a whole needs to learn to be more accepting of others, differences and all. Disney Pixar’s “Day and Night” is a short film about two characters, Day and Night, who couldn't look past each other’s differences in the beginning, yet by the end, they developed a mutual appreciation of each other through getting over their fear of the unknown and discriminating others. In “Day and Night,” the characters’ lack of understanding and prejudice paradoxically assists the characters, Day and Night, in developing tolerance for each other and learning to embrace their differences. Ultimately, “Day and Night” proposes that even though the unknown is not well-perceived by others until they experience the said "unknown" themselves, humanity should be less judgmental and more open-minded because nobody is perfect and everyone is different and perfectly unique in their own way. In the beginning of “Day and Night,” Day is introduced sleeping, then waking up feeling groggy. Following that, he went to the bathroom, which was revealed with a…show more content…
Before Day and Night got to know each other, they were both discriminatory and prejudiced because they were so different from each other. Differences and the unknown are scary, but humanity has to overcome their fear of these words and their meanings, like Day and Night did. Society needs to realize that there are not two people in this world who are the same. Many people have similarities, but no two people are the exact same. Differences bring people together just as much as similarities do. If humanity doesn't stop being so condemnatory and contentious soon, they never will. Humanity needs to learn their lesson, like Day and Night did, and open their mind and heart up to the

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