Nietzsche 's Argument On Beyond Good And Evil

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For this essay I shall look at the claim made by Nietzsche: Nietzsche claims that psychology is “the road to the fundamental problems” ( Beyond Good and Evil, section 23 ). Reconstruct and assess Nietzsche’s argument for this. Nietzsche made this claim in his book called Beyond Good and Evil, through the course of this essay I will examine the argument that built up to Nietzsche finishing off part one of his book with the statement: “For psychology is now once again the way to the fundamental problems”. This statement makes me wonder why would Nietzsche make such a bold claim? Was it because he had a bad experience with a psychologist? Or was it just down to him thinking that maybe people should decide whether or not to let psychologists know what was wrong with them. However, as we examine the claim and reconstruct the argument, the answer will hopefully be found. Fredrich Nietzsche ( 1844-1900 ), was a German Philosopher in the mid-late 19th Century, was a radical critic of the Western Tradition. Nietzsche made various radical claims over the course of his lifetime, from the claim ‘God is dead’ to the quote which we will be looking at ‘Psychology is the road to fundamental problems’. There are various fundamental problems in the world today, from questions like “What shall I have for lunch today?” when your fridge is full, to “Who should I vote for in the local elections?” when all of the people running for county council are really good. However for Nietzsche he believed that Psychology was the road to a fundamental problem. This claim makes me think that Nietzsche is slightly contradicting himself because a couple of sentences before he made the claim he says: “will it at least be allowed to demand in exchange that psych... ... middle of paper ... ...d like to take you back to the earlier idea that was presented about ‘psychology is the Queen of all Sciences’. It is an interesting concept, and people may interpret the claim in various ways. A claim to describe what Nietzsche thinks: “(psychology) as he understands it will replace philosophy, especially metaphysics, the former and presumably dead or deposed queen.’ This claim shows me that psychology is to replace philosophy, as well as metaphysics. People might think that ‘you cannot replace anything’ whereas it is entirely possible to replace the most simple thing. For example you could replace Biology of Humans with Biology of All Living Creatures. Or another example, replace all Analytic Philosophy with Psychoanalysis. These two examples show that some things are ‘dead’ until further examination and maybe it would be plausible to collaborate the two subjects?

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