Ethics An Essay On The Understanding Of Evil Essay

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Ethics serves as a vital crux of society. We learn them through our interactions with others as we progress through life. They provide a moral system for us to go by as we interact and participate among the populace. Ethics guides our decisions, define our temperament and influence our future. They establish a very basic form of order that streamlines the productivity of a society. Anywhere you look you can see the presence of ethics in various organizations and institutions. Whether it be political, lawful, medical, religious or social. At it 's very core ethic deals with protecting fundamental basic freedoms such as the right to live, avoid abusive treatment and right and right to security as well as basic human liberties such as the freedom of speech and freedom from persecution. In Badiou 's short essay on ethics “Ethics An Essay on the Understanding of Evil” he delves into his criticism of ethics and the meaning of evil. In the perspective of Badiou, ethics are just a method for deducting evil. Evil is the ultimate form of political judgment. It constitutes anything that is ill intended and is antagonistic to the good or the force that is adverse to said evil. Evil relies on the concept of good to…show more content…
Violations to human rights are only justified if the ethical basis is defined upon the recognition of evil which often leads to a redefinition of the consensus of good among the public opinion. When the populace is left to there own devices this new idea of good becomes the root of evil itself. This was very prevalent in Hitler 's rise to power. Hitler began his political career at a time in Germany when the country was on it 's last legs. The country was crippled by the war debt from world war one. He redefined the public opinion of good over the course of his term by making the Jewish populace, scapegoats for the source of the countries woes as well as the root of the
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