New Employee Training

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When beginning a new job, there are countless new things that a person has to adjust to. From new projects and clients to a new boss to something as simple as where the coffee maker is located, a new job always means that there is a lot to learn. No matter how much experience a person has, no one can ever know every policy of a new workplace the moment they walk in the door, and a company certainly cannot expect new employees to perform at their best if they are just thrown into a new huge project without even being trained on the material. In addition, adjusting to a new work environment is one of the biggest factors related to success in the workplace, so it is important for new employees to become acquainted with their fellow coworkers to help them feel comfortable in the unfamiliar environment. However, an orientation program that is simply thrown together over a morning cup of coffee and lasts less than 45 minutes will not do anything to help new employees either. Ideally, orientation would last for several days, and allow the new employees to practice all of the tasks they will need to use when they are set out on their own. The orientation program is also the best time to inform the new employees of all the company policies and rules on things like dress code, vacations, sick leave, and overtime pay. Orientation also serves as a time for the new employees to get acquainted with coworkers, so the program should also include a few team-building exercises, even if it's something as simple as workplace related charades. Being able to interact with their new coworkers will allow the new employees to feel comfortable in their new environment, and if they feel comfortable they will certainly be able to do their job more successfu... ... middle of paper ... ...ispronouncing or misspelling a valuable client's name. The new employees would be able to question their trainer about the clients before they ever have to actually interact with them, and would also be able to role play various scenarios with these clients so they can be prepared from anything when on the job. Overall, the value of training and orientation for new employees is immeasurable. While the orientation may mean they cannot get to their specific jobs for a few days, it will certainly more than fulfill its worth later on in their career with the company. Knowing all of the rules, regulations, and procedures from day one will prevent anyone being fired or embarrassed due to lack of knowledge of these things. A few days spent training early in the game will have benefits that will greatly help both the company and the new employees during their duration there.
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