Netiquette and About Writing E-Mails

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Email is easiest and best communication channel among the present technology although paper communication cannot be replaced email plays a significant role in case of communication. Email in today’s organization or workplace is mandatory and even in graduate schools email from professors and students are very common and important. The most useful way of email is information can be never be deleted or edited it can be kept for longer time. In today’s world more than 300 billion mails are sent every day. Email cannot replace paper work or face to face communication because if there is any information that is confidential than paper work is better option. With latest technology of smartphones email consumes time and work.

In my opinion I believe that professors should make students follow certain format because the emails sent by the students are very casual and informal which becomes impolite and rude which is not accepted by the professors and annoys them. Professors should implement pedagogical intervention regarding the emails sent by students but notall students send informal students there are students who know the right format and etiquette to mail a professor.

The article about students writing emails to faculty about e-politeness it says that email sometimes becomes a bad etiquette of English by students and the informal language they use but on the other side it says that emails technology also allows in communicating between professors and students that may improve the politeness and have realistic experience. The whole article studies and examines request sent by different graduate students to faculty at an American University(SigrunBiesenbach, 2007).From the above article I can conclude that students can improv...

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... can conclude that email is important and on the other side student must follow the etiquettes and the e-politeness as mentioned above. I have taken little information from few links and referred and got information.

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