Netball Shooting Video Observations

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This essay is about the observation and analysis of the technique/composition of the performance of the performers on the video provided which is, a netball shooting video. Just for a beginning, in netball today, two basic shots are used which are, Australian high release and Caribbean shot. Netball has a unique style: the ball is released high and is usually released while shooter is stationary. Accuracy, composure, toughness, precise technical work and released game pressure situations are the key ingredients to consistent, high percentage shooting. If any of these elements are missing, the shooter is likely to go missing when the pressure is really on. Attackers try to feed the ball into the goal circle, so that the goal shooter (GS) or goal attack (GA) can shoot at the goal and score. In a game where only two of the team members can shoot, it is critical that they both be comfortable and eager to score at every opportunity. Every time the ball moves down-court, the aim is to get it to a shooter in a good scoring position. The shooters must be aware of their opponent’s attempt to intercept the shot. They must start at least 0.9 m from shooter’s landing foot. The shooters must try to score off every shot made a goal, whatever the opposition, the type of goal post and the weather. This needs constant practice so that the players know how to alter the timing and strength needed to make an accurate shot. The shooters also need to be able to receive passes at any height, speed and angle, and recover balance to shoot. In addition, the correct techniques and key points of shooting must also be obeyed to make a perfect shot. This is also in need of a great practice. The observation and the analysis of the technique/composition of th... ... middle of paper ... ...ball. Works Cited Cassidy, T., Jones, R., Potrac, P. (2009) (2nd ed.). Understanding Sports Coaching: the social, cultural and pedagogical of coaching practice. London: Routledge Hickey, J. (2007). Understanding Netball. Leeds: Coachwise Ltd Lee, G. (1996). The seven steps to Netball success: a practical home training program for teenage and open players. Australia Mayes, A. (2009). Netball. London Miles, A. (1981). Success in Netball. London Navin, A. (2008). Netball; Skills, Technique, Tactics (Crowood Sports Guides).UK: The Crowood Press Ltd. Shakespear, W. (1997). Netball: Step to success. United States of America: Human Kinetics Shakespear, W., Caldow, M. (2009) (2nd ed). Netball: Step to success. United States of America: Human Kinetics Woodlands, J. (2006). The netball handbook: Winning essentials for players and coaches. United States of America

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