Tactical Games Model

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To be a successful teacher not only in physical education but in all classroom settings you must be able to fully stimulate your students to think critically about the problem at hand. In sports thinking critically and making split second decisions can be the difference between winning and losing; through repetition students will be able to better identify which situations call for which moves. This ability to identify one's current situation in a given activity and react appropriately is referred to as tactical awareness; this is the basis for the tactical games model. Through implementing the tactical games model in your classroom your students will better understand not only the games being played but the tactics that are universal to all sports.
The tactical games model is an instructional method for a physical education class, the outline for a tactical game unit is set up as follows. The first step in any Tactical games model is to choose a sport for the class to play, team sports such as basketball or soccer typically work best for this model because they present the players with more tactical situations. Rather than full sized games your class will benefit more from smaller groups and faster paced games, any tactical issues a student is having during the sport will become more apparent this way and therefore easier to address (Pill). Additional adaptations can be made to manipulate the sport to your classes needs such as dimensions of the field, player’s movements, and the games rules (Pill).The Focus of game one is to put your students into challenging situations, by being challenged in the first game the students see areas they are lacking tactical experience. As the teacher your objective during game one is to iden...

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...e potential to set up students for a healthier and less stressful lifestyle in the future.

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