Negatives Of Social Media Essay

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Social media is the rage today, and bully on you if you can’t deal with it. Social media changes the way we perceive the world and interact with one another.
In today’s age, no one remains reclusive. From the pings, chat windows to the pokes and emoticons, everything exists to bring people closer, to make the world more comfortable. Social media is an active part of your adolescent’s life.

Pervasive Connectivity To Others
I remember the days of phones with old style dials. We didn’t even have answering machines back then. When a call came in, there was no caller ID. You just picked it up and said, “Hello.” It was sometimes hard to catch up to people, so you had to hand write and send a letter to communicate when you were both leading
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We agree that social media is good, but ‘too much of a …’ you know how it goes. Spending too much time can also affect your child negatively and often lead to social media addiction. Addiction can manifest itself as various symptoms and may even affect your child’s physical health.
• Too much social media can affect your child’s ability to develop strong interpersonal relationships. Your child is moldable, and the avalanche of information can overwhelm her. Negative effects on Students
The popularity of the social networking sites increased rapidly in the last decade. This is probably due to the reason that college and university students as well as teens used it extensively to get global access. These social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become a raging craze for everyone nowadays.
Reduced learning and research capabilities
Students have started relying more on the information accessible easily on these social networking sites and the web. This reduces their learning and research capabilities.
Reduction in real human
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The parents should check and balance on their children when they use the internet. They should be on guard whether they are using it for appropriate time period or not. The peers and teachers should also help students make them aware of the negative effects and explain what they are losing in the real world by sticking to these social networking sites.
According to a survey conducted by of 300 hiring managers, 91 percent of these hiring managers say they use social networking sites to screen prospective employees. 76 percent check Facebook, 53 percent check Twitter and 48 percent check LinkedIn. This means that anything you have on the social media sites is being looked at by potential employers.
Social media can be a powerful networking tool. Start networking with your new coworkers and add them to your social sites. Follow important leaders in your career field on twitter to keep up with what’s new. If you’re looking for a job, follow companies you’re interested in working for so you can stay updated on their hiring status. Social media can help you land your job or help you get fired- it’s all in the manner of how you use it.
The more educated I become and the less time I spend on social media, the more I realize that there is a lot more to life than sitting behind
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