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Music Therapy: [Subtitle]

Music is everywhere we go; we listen to it in the car, while doing work, and there are even people who pay to listen or watch an artist perform live. Yes, life goes on without music, but music has such an impact on our lives. Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and we have music to fit our emotions to be just as we feel. Music has a great deal of importance of many people it can have a meaning that they cannot explain to others and are able to connect with the song. By doing so experts are able to help patients overcome many sicknesses with the help of music. Music therapy is capable of being an advantage for many individual patients, it can encourage responses from patients that other methods of therapy cannot get
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Music is practiced throughout all human cultures around the globe. It has been used to influence physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being to improve quality of life. Music therapy can involve either performing or listening to music, with or without a therapist.
Music Therapy has many different ways to help a patient or patients through the use of music. For instance, the composition of music can benefit a patient with improving their attentiveness for those that have a hard time staying concentrated on one thing. The recording process of music helps with the patients understanding emotion and how they want the lyrics of the song to be represented as. The performing portion of music helps with a patient’s communal skills. Being able to perform in front of a group of individuals assists patients that are apprehensive in front of big crowds.
Music can also help patients with memory; which is a great way to help dementia patients remember the memories they have forgotten. Many patients have significant memories that are linked to a certain song that can help them remember that important time. For instance, if a couple had a favorite song or a song that has some sort of significance to it, hearing the song can remind the, of the
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Music therapy can evoke positive emotions and stimulate reward centers in the brain, music therapy is often able to alleviate symptoms of mental health concerns. Some therapists like to have their patients to use music as their escape when they need to get away from everything for a while. People are able to get lost in the music and the words and they forget about all of their troubles for that time to be able to calm down and get their mind and thoughts
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