Essay On Music Therapy

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Music therapy is the use of music and or musical elements by a qualified music therapist with a client or group in a process designed to facilitate and promote communication, relationships, learning, expression, organization and other relevant therapeutic objects in offer to meet physical, emotional, mental, social, and cognitive needs. There are many things that make music therapy. A few elements that contribute to music therapy are tone, rhythm, harmony, melody, and timbre. There are many reason as to why people try music therapy. A few would be coping with illness, managing problems, and overcoming impairments. When someone is thinking about music therapy the first step is getting a bachelor’s degree. There is also places that will let you…show more content…
They are usually a part of an interdisciplinary team that work for adults and children. A few examples of places that a music therapist could work include, senior centers, hospice programs, schools, private practices, and correctional facilities. The point is to get people feeling better by using a holistic approach to healing compared to using medication to make you feel better. Like most people listening to music it is calming for them, so, a lot of people tend to go to music when they are down. There are certain genres and each genre had its own feeling is that they portray to certain people. Along with that includes how different tones and such have different effects on everyone. This is how the music therapy used. Sound therapy goes hand in hand with this music therapy concept. I feel like telling people or myself to just listen to music during a hard time is a good idea. Realistically you won’t be able to totally get rid of all your problems but as an in the moment thing music is very healing for one’s soul. There are people out there that don’t want to get help for a mental disorder because they think they can fix it themselves. This is a perfect example of that. I feel like I go tell someone that listening to music will help them out and they will agree after they do it. There is nothing wrong with picking the more holistic approach when deciding on a path to better ones healthDuring the 20th century music therapy made its debut. After World War 1 and World War 2 is when It became big. There were amateur and professional musicians who went to veteran homes. Here they spent time with them and played them music. Most of these people were struggling from physical and emotional trauma of the wars. Music therapy is still practiced today. The very first college to have the music therapy degree was Michigan State University in 1944. Music
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