The Negative Effects Of Music And Music

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It is a hot sunny day; Busy people walking to destinations, horns blaring loudly in the busy untamed streets. Music is floating from person to person weaving around people. Some are feeling joyful, upbeat. Others are feeling aggressive and stressed out. Music is all around the world, and has a great impact on people’s mood; it assists patients in therapy, improves education, and can have many negative effects on others lives.
Some may not know, but the music is actually really helpful in the medical field. Music may help with changing the person’s mood or even physically and mentally help them. “Music therapists worked closely with the patients to individually tailor and intervention, and patients took part in singing, instrument playing, lyric discussion, and even song writing as they worked toward accepting an illness or weighed end- of-life issues.” (Novotney 2013 para. 10). Here are some different therapies that use music to assist the patient. Melodic intonation therapy,
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Patel states in the article that music neuroscience, which draws on cognitive science, music education and neuroscience, can help answer basic questions about the working of the human brain. Music addresses some of the behaviors and skills that are necessary for academic success (How Playing Music Affect the Developing Brain, n.d). A classical composer, which goes by the name of Mozart, makes music that is 60 beats per minute. Surprisingly his music activates both the left and right parts of the brain. If someone is studying and also listening to one of his pieces the person listens with the right part of the brain while the left part is taking in information (O’ Donnell 1999).“Music makes your kid interesting and happy, and smart will come later. It enriches his or her appetite for things that bring you pleasure and for the friends you meet,” says, Pruett (Brown, n.d para.

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