Negative Essay: Being Happy Is Healthy?

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Happy is Healthy In the modern day, most people have heard that being happy is good for health. We all hear this, but no one really tells us why it is so. When striving to be truly healthy, a person must keep in mind that a happy attitude is directly correlated to a healthy physique. Happy people feel healthier because they are more comfortable with themselves, more likely to help others through things like volunteering, and are usually better educated. Once individuals sustain a generally constant feeling of happiness, they start to feel healthier. It is also said by some that happiness helps prevent serious diseases but this is not a known fact, (Healthy Happiness). To be happy and get the benefits requires effort, but it is far from impossible, even so overdoing it can have harmful effects. Stephen G. a former Ph.D., wrote an article with collective studies that showed that volunteering and helping people increased…show more content…
This study showed that 68% of volunteers say that volunteering made them feel healthier physically, and 92% said it made their life seem more enriched and meaningful. These helpers were shown to have increased happiness and life longevity. Another study found that “. . . Maria E. Pagano, a Ph.D. led the study of helping behaviors of alcoholics with a range of 16 to 25 years of abstinence to alcohol . . . those who were helping [other alcoholics] were significantly less likely to relapse in the year following treatment”. This means that just by helping other people, these former alcoholic subjects were able to significantly increase their chances of recovering from their alcoholic tendencies for a whole year after helping other people reach their goal as well. This seems to good to be true, and in a way it is. Over helping
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