Negative Effects Of Technology On Socialization

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As technology becomes more important to our daily lives we have found that it has become a part of our culture to expect that everyone is connected to technology. There are articles like the ``The Flight From Conversation`` and ``Is Facebook Making Us Lonely`` that show that our continued use of technology has changed the way we think and act. Many people point their fingers towards social media sites as one of the culprits of this change. A majority of people argue that social media has had a negative effect on how we socialize, I would argue that technology is a tool that people use and that its effects, as a whole, are positive. The most obvious changes that technology has on how we interact and socialize positively is social media. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other similar sites have become popularized for the generation that grew up with technology This change in socialization has led people to believe that pushing the act of socialization onto these sites instead of having an interaction face to face has negatively affected our socialization with our friends and families. Although many people would argue that the new way to socialize is bad, social media and other similar sites have in fact, broaden our definition of socialization. Nowadays people can…show more content…
On one hand it could become another one of our addictions and we end up relying too much on it or mistake it as a replacement for a real social circle. On the other hand it can be an environment that help people develop skills and learn how to interact with the real world without the consequences. But the perceived negative effects of social media and technology are infact just a new change to how we interact with our new environment with technology. We are not getting less social because of technology, in fact we are more likely to share things with more people and meet people who all share the same interests as
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