Social Problems In Society: The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social media has created a social problem in society and it is distorting how people are communicating with each other face to face. Social media in today’s day is seen as a worldwide antisocial epidemic amongst the younger generation and a few older adults born in the millennial. Social media is notably used more by the younger people in our society and around the world, considering that technology is more accessible and easier to use for them. This is because their generation was born into a technological and advancing society that it has adapted into modern society’s culture. Social media has become a part of today’s norm, in which people who own a smart phone have downloaded some sort of social media app in order to stay intact with family…show more content…
In the article “Negative Effects of Social Media” Ashlie Brooke Kincel states, “people begin focusing so much of their time on their relationships on social media networks that [it has] become difficult to distinguish between our real life relationships,” meaning that those who put more effort into communicating electronically can eventually be seen as neglecting their “real” relationship with someone close and it can one day become awkward or be as emotional connected as it once was. This can happen because writing through social media apps lacks body language, facial expressions, tonality and even physical contact, preventing a healthy and normal conversation. When using social media apps, people use fewer words to communicate because it is fast and it gets straight to the point. In the 2013 issue of newspaper magazine Social Work Today, the article “Social Media and Interpersonal Communication,” by Maura Keller states, “our interactions on social media tend to be weak ties—that is, we don’t feel as personally connected to the people at the other end of our communication as we do when we’re face-to-face.” Here, Keller tries to explain how communicating through social media apps does not carry the same meaning of building a social relationship as talking to someone physically because a strong connection between the people is not being made. Therefore, social media is causing an antisocial epidemic amongst the younger and older generations who tend to constantly use and rely on social media apps as a form of daily communication with family and

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