Negative Effects Of Cell Phones

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It is no secret that in the United States, the use of technology is growing by the second. As a result of this growth, people are becoming lazier and relying on more sources to do the jobs that have to be done in everyday life. One main piece of technology that is affecting our lives is the usage of cell phones. As the usage of cell phones in America continues to grow, so do the existing problems with literacy and communication among their users. Although the complications with cell phones are real, many users are not willing to accept the problems they are causing. As a young college student, cell phones are the easiest ways to connect with friends, coaches, and even teachers. With email, texting, phone calls, and social media all being easy to access, how can cell phones really be that bad? Also,…show more content…
With all this technology so easily accessible and so easy to use, us young people, are quick to look over any negative side effects. In regards to the Key Stage study, the students being tested were of ages eleven and twelve. Throughout deeper research, such as the texting, textese, and literacy study, the correlation is shown through collegiate aged students as well as other studies affecting high school students. With these particular groups, whom are much older than the latter, the negative correlation is more prevalent. Because these students are required to write more and use more educated grammar, the correlation was more easily found. By using these studies, teachers were able to see how there was not much difference in the students writing and their text talk. The Times of India states, “Teachers say that children are more prone to slang thanks to texting” (Pavan). This slang has caused a drop in grades also while making it harder for teachers to correct all the errors in the

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