Needs vs. Necessity

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It's only nature to look out for the health and well being of one's self, to make sure that one has the necessary things needed to survive: food, water, shelter. However, people seem to forget that there's a line between needs and wants. Taking more than the necessity is greed and greed can lead to a life time of cruelty. Out of all the animals, humans seem to be the only only ones possessed by the power of greed. As a person grows older, the environment influences greedy tendencies, diverting from the needs of infancy to the wants of the rest of the life span. As a baby, all humans can do are the basics: eat, sleep, and poop. At this stage, humans take what they need and then stop making a fuss. But, as a human grows older, there becomes a desire for extras. It starts little on the little things, like extra snacks. As school starts, kids want extra play time. Soon after that, middle school age kids and teens taste the greed for one of the most influential power on this earth, money. This is the average cycle of wants and needs. Looking at this cycle, the stem of greed can be seen...
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