Navy Seal Essay

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I want to become a Navy Seal because people never really know how bad this particular job is, the people who fight for our country while we sit on a couch and watch T.V. I want to become a Navy Seal because I would love to fight for the United States and also want to become fit enough to be ready for a challenge that the Navy Seal throws at me. This might just let me get enough money to do what I want to do when I retire from being a Navy Seal. The Navy Seal has been around for many years fist a couple of people that cleared landing bases to one of the most highly trained fighters the United Stated has ever had in the history of the United States. John F. Kennedy was the one who actually finished the creation of the Navy Seal. The Navy Seal are the ones that are called to do the United States “dirty work’’. Many People try to get into the Navy Seal, but many people don’t even get close to becoming one. Today there are over thousands of Navy Seal personnel’s. B. After you are finished or retired from serving in the navy, there are a lot of benefits when you retired. C. There are a whole bunch of Navy Seal bases all over the United States the most famous one is off the coast of California where they are trained to become a navy seal and many more overseas. A. You must first complete a Twelve month training and conditioning called BUD’s. B. NONE. C. NONE D. Grade Point Average, SAT scores, Class ranking, Extracurricular. 5. A Male. B. twenty through fifty-six, fifty-six is retirement age. C. You have to be healthy and very fit to proceed in this particular job. D. A very strong athletic person and well mannered. E. NONE. F. You have to be aware of your environment. And can Adapt to whatever you have to do to stay alive. G. N... ... middle of paper ... ... and I am going to do it if it really does literally kill me and I think that’s what I have to do before I die is to go to the Navy seal and I want to show the enemy the skill that I have learned and I want to put them to the test and see if I can go through with them. I literally love everything that the Navy Seal has and what they do. I would really love to become one so bad right know but I am still only fifteen and still have a little growing up to do. Also after you graduate from the Navy Seal Team. But there are some thing that I don’t like about the Navy Seal is that the hard work and effort that you have to put in to become a successful Navy Seal.
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