Nature Vs. Nurture : Is It Nature Or Nurture?

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Developmental psychology seeks to understand why and how all people change over time (Berger, 4). We start off as similar babies, yet we grow to be so distinct from each other. The purpose of this research paper is to discuss some of the big questions that we have today in the field of developmental psychology; the nature-nurture controversy, how we grow into such distinct adults, and whether or not the experiences we go through can change us. Is it nature or nurture? The nature vs. nurture debate seeks to understand how our personalities and traits are produced by our genetic makeup and how our environment, including our parents, peers, and social interactions, shapes them. Nature states that an organism’s genes influence these processes. Natural human behavior is seen as the result of biological factors, such as genetic code. On the other hand, nurture states that these processes are due to the interaction with the environment. For instance, why do children sometimes act like their parents? Is it because of genetics, or the result of the environment and parental influence? Collins, Maccoby, Steinberg, Hetherington, & Bornstein (2000) suggest that parents do not simply mold their child, for they play several roles in this development. They limit whom their children get to affiliate themselves and some of the activities that they can and cannot become involved in. Parent can influence certain outcomes in their children. For example, studies show that children who are adopted often show more success than the children who remain with their biological mothers. Even though these parents are not the children’s biological parents, they still can affect how the child develops. They have the power to provide or take away any resources... ... middle of paper ... are still unanswered. There needs to be further research in order for one to have a clear answer as to how is it that we develop to be the individuals we are. How is it that twins have similar genetics and yet differences can still be noted? Our biology and genes do not only influence our development, it is also greatly influenced by our environment. Individuals raised in different cultures will develop with different values, needs, and desires. However, one cannot deny the fact that we are all responsible for the person we are today. As the humanistic approach states, we are all responsible for the choices we make. Nature and nurture both influence our development at the same time. It is not our genetic makeup alone or our parents, family, and peers that mold us to be who we are, but rather it is a combination of everything that helps us learn to become us.

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