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National Honors Society Application The National Honors Society is defined as an organization that acknowledges remarkable high school students who exemplify leadership, character, and service. But possessing these qualities, goes beyond a definition. It is a person: one who upholds their own moral convictions, is always willing to help others, and tries to be an integral part of the community. I believe I work to define myself as this kind of person daily and would be a valuable member to the National Honors Society. “Who’s going to step up?”. “Who’s going to change this?”. People ask these questions everyday. I realize that I have never truly thought about the defining characteristics of a leader. I was given a list of qualities and upon reading it, I proudly realized that I demonstrate leadership. But the important consideration should not be how I successfully match this definition, but instead why I do it. I was elected treasurer for the class of 2016, a student body elected official, and hold that position of responsibility by attending meetings weekly, promoting school activities (such as homecoming), and participating in student council planning and events as much as possible. I wanted to become treasurer because I wanted a say in decisions that impacted our class. I wanted to be recognized as an individual that my peers could come to with questions and concerns. I was also in Algulitos, a program where high school students teach younger students Spanish. I led a classroom of second graders every Friday while integrating fun and learning. I was very excited to be involved in this program because it was an opportunity to be a successful role model for younger children. I developed many friendships ... ... middle of paper ... ...demonstrate my commitment to service, they also demonstrate my character as a person. Everyone has character, yet it is the way that you mold character that is important. I am open to feedback and will accept any recommendations that are offered. I am always willing to grow as a person and view others’ insights as doors to that growth. I am honest and open, and proudly represent Windham High School as well as the greater community of Windham. I am dedicated to whatever I undertake; whether it be that I am volunteering as an SSP or petsitting animals for a week. Being a leader is inseparable with a good character. I try to lead by example, be it picking up a piece of garbage in the halls or by just refusing to say a discriminatory word. My motto is “Hard work makes you tired, but it also makes you great”. Thank you for considering my application.

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