Narrative Essay Reading To Me

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Reading to me Everyone has their “home away from home”; mine has been always the library. I spent many days in the library in school or in my home town. Some people get the advantage of starting their literacy journey early in life such as Alonzo Weston. According to his article “Reading remains a key to success”, between a few of his family member he was always surrounded by books. Unlike Weston, Cheryl Barnett-Bay didn’t realize her passion for reading and writing until she came to college. I, however, I realized mine was more towards writing than reading, but I still enjoyed reading. Even though my “second home” has always been the library, I still feel like I am still struggling with reading because of the teachers I had in school, my issues with comprehension, and reading books I did not like.…show more content…
Since about my sophomore or junior year of high school my school had its accreditation taken away/under supervision which means that if I had graduated that year, then my diploma would have barley meant anything to any college I applied for. With that we had visitors from the district coming in and out of the school in which so distracted the teachers from doing their jobs in order to impress the visitors. They would be distracted by the fact that there is someone in the room that could change their job status from working to fired. With this I was in the library at my school every morning wanting to the librarian and most of the time she would agree with
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