Narrative Essay About Inuyasha

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"I can 't believe that you would do this to me Inuyasha!" The rain lashed down on me in cold icy pellets searing my skin like fire. I felt frozen with cold. All around me, the rain fell so hard and so thick that I could barely see what was in front of me. The wind came and rain hit me harder than before, making me feel as if a thousand knives were piercing my skin as I making my way to the Bone-eater 's well. *Flashback* "I wonder where Inuyasha at?" As I made it to the campsite where Shippo, Miroku, Kirara and Sango were sleeping but I saw no Inuyasha. Suddenly I heard some noise in the forest, I decided to go check it out. I can feel that I am getting closer to my destination but only to witnessed Inuyasha and his damn b*** Kikyō embrace…show more content…
Remember you has Kikyo and chosen her over me. Remember you was with her that night. Forget what you said about never leave me. Do you ever think me or love me? Do you even cry yourself to sleep? In the middle of the night while you 're awake... It 's only me who missing you... I love you but no more... I jump inside the well to home for good but I didn 't knew the usual ocean blue color was now a blood red color. I could feel my body getting younger before passed out . No one Pov: In the middle of a London street in front of a moving carriage, there was an unconscious girl. Ciel said," Sebastian, stop the carriage." "Yes, my Lord" Sebastian stop the horses from running over the unconscious en, Ciel said," Let bring her to the manor so we can examine the girl and grab her weird bag too." While look at the girl who the same age he is. He can feel his heart skip a beat while exerting her features. "Yes, my lord" Before careful picking the beautiful young girl and her weird bag into the carriage with Ciel. Sebastian can only think about one thing before settled off to the Manor. Who is this beautiful creature with a delicious
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