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Stepping outside, I instantly notice the fresh, wet scent of earth. As I continue walking, I willingly allow the sprinkling droplets to envelop my entire body. My shoes are soon soaked; with each step I take, I feel a puddle of water move beneath my feet. The rain hurls itself violently on the dark, slippery pavement. My hair is dripping with ice-cold raindrops which plummet to the earth with every movement I make. The numbing effect of the icy downpour is finally setting in. Fierce thunder clouds sneak into the murderous sky and flashing lightning strikes begin. The rain falls faster and heavier. My feet move quickly as I run down the road. I rush into my house and proceed to stare out the window and observe the vicious storm that is only beginning. The weather has the uncanny ability to promptly change a mood. Rain holds several emotions that could be considered polar opposites; they range from cleansing to depression, love to anger, and life to death.

The clean, crystal-clear droplets carelessly fall to the earth. Small puddles are beginning to form and children are running outside to play. As a child, I loved to play in the rain. I longed for the feeling of cleanliness I got from playing in the cold, fresh water. Water is an essential part of the cleaning process. Rain washes away the layers of filth that grow over time. Without rain, everything outside would always be covered in dust. Just as rain cleans off the dirt that has been gathered, tears clean the surface of the eyeball. This makes it so that the eyeball stays moist and useable. Rain falls directly from the sky or the heavens, and is often declared to be tear drops of the gods. The gods are powerful supernatural beings; they are the ideal models of perfection. The...

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...t, I always assumed that rain was simply a type of weather. To me, the word rain was used as a clarification to help viewers understand. However, rain is so much more than just a clarification on the weather channel. Rain is associated with several emotions ranging from cleansing to depression, love to anger, and life to death. Sometimes I wonder if life would be better without rain; there wouldn’t be as many natural disasters or frequent reminders of depression. But then I imagine not being able to feel renewal and love, or see the effects rain has on life; suddenly, I realize that the positive effects of rain far outweigh the negatives. As you see the majestic rain gracefully floating down, recognize the simple beauty and importance in rain. Uncover those feelings you’ve been burying within you for so long; expose the emotions you’ve been hiding and feel free.

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