blaze your own trail

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Cel was a Lycanus, which meant he had a body that was structured like a wolf and wings of an eagle. His owner Negratos was the god of evil, and as the name implies he treated Cel horridly he never fed or took care of Cel. One day Cel had enough and left his home that he had grew up in ever since Negratos had picked him from his litter years before. Cel was weak and starving you could see each individual bone poking out of sagging skin that appeared draped over his body, he was a walking skeleton his one beautiful stark black shining coat was now a dull gray his once vibrant green eyes where now a sad muddy brown and his one angel like wings now resembled those of a bats. Each step he took it looked like he was going to keel over his entire body swayed like that of a boat on rough waters, his paws crisscrossed as he walked along the dirt trail his head down and it took all his effort to keep his eyes open and trudge along. On the road he met his sister Fauna, a Lycanus with fur the color of an angels cloud, paws large and strong, eyes like the brightest shining crystal, her wings looked like each feather was individually picked from the softest doves alive and her pink nose soft as rose petals in bloom. She walked like she was gliding over the ground like a bird in the sky her head held high. “Brother dear why are you so sad?” she said voice full of love and concern for her brother. Dalba 2 “Negratos has abused me and I am starving with nothing to eat” he said his head slumbed over along with the rest of his body he lied on the dirt road a sad sack of fur skin and bone “not to worry come with me into the village and we will get you something to eat.” she said and helped her brother to his feet allowing h... ... middle of paper ... ...ack to the wolf limping and whimpering her burns stung and her bones ached “sister why must you be a glutton?” he said and sighed to him self as he fetched water for her injuries. Two days later Fauna went up to Cel and told ”fetch me something to eat or I shall kill you, the butcher cows had calves fetch me one” and yet agin Cel ran off and stole the young calf with ease he dropped it at Faunas feet and she ate it quickly wanting more she leaped though the gate into the butchers farm and ate one cow after another until her stomach extended and she could no longer run but wobble, and thats exactly what she did when she herd the butcher come home she wobbled to the fence but got stuck trying to go through. The butcher pulled out his gun and shot Fauna the bullet pierced her skin and she howled out in pain as she bled out blood staining the fence and grass around her

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